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All Things (Safety Oriented) Motorcycle   
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 Motorcycle Safety
 Choice of 'Beginner' motorcycle
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Male Senior Member
282 Posts

Canmore, Alberta



Posted - 09/01/2009 :  10:01 AM
My first bike was a 1969 CB450, in 1974. I didn't think of it as big at the time. Took a motorcycle safety course (my father's condition) and was scared silly enough to ride it carefully for at least a few months.
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Posted - 12/12/2009 :  11:37 PM
I bought a 1460cc bike which is no slouch on the day I passed my MSF BRC. I had a frank discussion with my MSF instructor who indicated with the mindset I had about riding and my cage driving record, I would be fine on a bigger bike with a lot of initial PLP.

My first bike was my dream bike and of course the dealer tried to convince me that a smaller engine would not be a good choice. However in reality his pitch had no effect on my purchase behavior. I visited the showroom several times over a four week period, sat on the bike and did a lot of reading on riding etc before sealing the deal.

For the price I got it due to the economy, it was the best deal I could get at the time. Finally of course I don't need no wimpy little bike.
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Male New Member
12 Posts

Toronto, On



Posted - 12/13/2009 :  9:51 PM
I bought a Kymco Venox 250CC for my first bike. I heard from a few people that I would outgrow it quickly. For 99% of my driving, it's perfect. Nice and light. Great bike for a newb to learn on. I can easily accelerate to 100KM/H (About 60MPH), and 120KMH isn't hard to hold either. Even doing the standard "+20", this covers all the roads. I don't have the power to pass on the major highways, but those are boring to ride on anyway. On the smaller roads it's no problem to pass or accelerate if I need to. If I was to do a lot of cross country I might find it too small, but if my bike was any bigger, I would almost never use the extra power, and I'm sure I would regret the extra weight of the bigger bike.
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Male Junior Member
49 Posts

North Port, Florida


Intruder 800

Posted - 01/16/2010 :  11:47 PM
I would like to add my "It's what I could afford" to the unofficial list. I bought my first bike from my brother in law, a 05 honda rebel that he bought as his first bike. It is a very small but manuverable bike, no regrets from me. He was just way too big for it, 6'3" at almost 300 lbs. I plan on riding the Rebel until I can afford a bigger bike, My wife loves to go for rides on the bike. Problem is the Rebel has a 6" wide seat for the passenger, or as she calls it a one cheeker.... When it comes to buying a bike period, get what feels right for you and will do what you want it to. BTW when I get the bigger Bike, wife gets the Rebel :)
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Male Standard Member
165 Posts

Hawthorne, CA



Posted - 01/17/2010 :  12:51 AM Follow poster on Twitter
Heck, my machine is 250cc and I may never upgrade. More speed would just get me in trouble.

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Male New Member
11 Posts

South Brunswick, New Jersey


VStar Silverado 650

Posted - 05/22/2010 :  8:03 PM
My first bike is a Yamaha 650cc Silverado. Low center of gravity, perhaps a tad heavy but very comfortable. It's has more than enough power for my 5'8" 215lb frame, so far I'm very pleased.
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New Member
15 Posts

Fremont, CA


Posted - 05/25/2010 :  1:30 AM
First bike 30 years ago was Kawasaki KE100 when it was OK to go 55 on freeway. It was the max. displacement allowed by Texas for a 15 year old. My August 2009 Re-entry bike was a Kawasaki Super Sherpa 250, because I like nimble bikes that I can take onto the dirt. Makes me feel like I'm 15 again. If there were no dirt around, I would have located an RD400.
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