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Posted - 01/21/2009 :  9:02 AM                       Like
I have noticed that the ask the mentors forum seems to have gone away.

+1 vote from me. I saw a question posted in that forum that I might have had an intelligent response too, but I would not have been allowed, since I have not yet earned my "stripes". The question has been taken to the general discussion forum and at least two intelligent answers have been given by non-mentors.

The reason I find this site valuable to me is because most anyone can give their .02. If the advice is bad there are many voices that will correct that advice quickly. There is also the fact that most of us make a genuine attempt at "grown-up" writing. Some have more writing skill than others, but lazy internet abbreviations are not generally accepted here.

Sorry, this ended up as more of a statement than a question. I have also noticed that the Ask Administrator and Ask Moderator forums still exist. These, in my opinion, are valuable forums to do just what their names describe.

To ask the question - how did the decision to remove ask mentors forum get decided?
Administrator This Administrator provided this Answer to the Question

James R. Davis
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Posted - 01/21/2009 :  9:27 AM Follow poster on Twitter  Join poster on Facebook as Friend  
I added the equivalent functionality to each and every discussion forum. That is, in each discussion forum you are now able to specify that a new topic is 'Discussion' (default), 'Question for Members', or 'Question for Mentors' and, thus, no longer needed the 'Ask Our Members' or 'Ask Our Mentors' category of forums.

Furthermore, there is no longer any doubt about where to place an 'Ask Our ...' question as there was before. For example, say you wanted to ask about a physics question. Surely you should be able to do that from the Physics forums? Before I made the change you might have elected, instead, to place them in the 'Ask Our ...' forums and then nobody could find, let alone recognize from their subject lines alone, all physics related topics.

The ability of a question poser to select his desired responder candidates is an advantageous feature provided for the benefit of the question poster. You may want to respond to a question asked by someone who wants only responses from Mentors, but he does not want to hear from you. He wins - by design.

We all will by this new feature here because only the question poster (the creator of the thread) can clarify or add information to his question - he cannot edit his question after any answers have been posted. This also means that others cannot hijack a thread or swerve it into a path not intended.

The moderators have been asked to assertively interact with posters to insure that responders to a question target the question poster as their audience, not other members, and to keep the answers focused on the question. In other words, these are NOT discussion oriented threads. Normal topics (threads) remain exactly what they were - discussion oriented with occasional questions and answers consistent with that thread - along with banter and corrections and edits, etc.

The readers get the benefits of both kinds of threads, the members can use a new feature or not, and the quality and value of message content here remains absolutely the best on the Internet.
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