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 post removal
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Posted - 02/08/2009 :  8:44 PM                       Like
I had two of my posts removed from forums because my post did not fit the topic at hand. I have no problem with that as I respect the moderators' decisions and appreciate their efforts to maintain credibility for this site. However, I was wondering if it would be possible that anytime a post is removed a copy of it could be sent back to the person who posted it. I would have liked to seen what I had written so I might have a better understanding of why my post was removed. Thanks.
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James R. Davis
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Posted - 02/09/2009 :  7:16 AM Follow poster on Twitter  Join poster on Facebook as Friend  
Posts that stray from the subject of a topic are either removed or split off into their own topics at the call of the moderator. If there was anything that was offensive in the post, it is likely to have been deleted. In any event, how a moderator runs his forums is almost entirely up to that moderator.

When I have deleted posts I wanted them off the site and it made no sense to me, at the time, to make a copy of them before deleting unless there appeared to be a potential legal issue involved. (If you threaten the life of the President in a message on this board, you can be sure that I have retained a copy of that message before deleting it from public access.)

More often than not, I believe, the moderators have deleted an offending message and followed it up with a PM or email to the person who wrote it explaining what they had done and why. That practice seems both reasonable and courteous to me.

Your issue appears to be that you cannot remember what it was that you posted to begin with. That argues that there was very little lost when it was deleted.

In the event that a moderator simply 'hits the delete key' before realizing what they are doing ... I've done it ... that's life in the big city. There is absolutely no way that a moderator can recover a deleted message without my help and I can only do it if there has been a backup made since the message was posted (and that backup still exists). In other words, sometimes it is not possible at all.
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