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  Differences Motorcycle vs. Trike
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Copperas Cove, Texas


2006 GL1800 Trike

Posted - 11/15/2009 :  11:16 AM                       Like
My desire to look into a trike vs. another motorcycle are my legs. At 71, they do not have the strength to support a more powerful motorcycle ie. Goldwing and even my C50T at times when doing PLP very slow turns I felt a weakness in my stability.

A very good friend has a Hanigan Goldwing Trike has repeatedly offered me to use it anytime I want. He has just been diagnosed with a heart flutter and is currently not permitted to ride. The one time his wife rode with him he drove it through the gargae wall and she is less than excited about riding with him any time soon.

Another member of our club rides the Hanigan trike and formerly rode motorcycles for 40+ years. He repeatedly says he wished he went to three wheels earlier.

I am still banged-up a bit so what ever I do will be at least one month out. I do so appreciate your comments RK, Jim and Nighttrain. You have given me some options to explore. Thanks.

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Meridian, Idaho


Sportster Sport

Posted - 11/15/2009 :  12:41 PM
Riding a motorcycle or operating any other type of vehicle which requires guidance and tracking inputs for control requires optimum physical conditioning and performance. By "optimum" I mean performance that is adequate to perform the task without without overloading a persons capacity or capability to perform and respond to contingencies which can be foreseen as a normal or expected.

Most people never reach their maximum physiological capacity and our normal lifestyles in modern society do not require us to reach and then maintain our maximum physiological capabilities throughout our lifetimes. As we grow older and more sedentary our strength and eventually our sense of balance wanes. By the time the average person reaches their 60s they not only are far heavier than they were than when in their twenties, they are weaker, slower to react, and their sense of balance and spatial orientation are significantly diminished. A persons ability to withstand the effects of given G loading and peak impact loadings without injury are greatly reduced and the probability of significant or disabling injury increases.

Fortunately there is a way to overcome the inevitable negative effects of aging and it's effects on our physiological status and ability to participate in the activities that give our lives adventure and meaning. The most important single element of overcoming the ravages of the ailing process is a structured program of regular physical exercise designed to rehabilitate weakness and optimize the physiological capability that an individual possesses regardless of their age. The program is ideally structured for the maximum stresses on is subjected to.

If one is going to be a rider one should develop a routine of training activities that that develops optimum balance, upper body, core and leg strength. Three one hour sessions a week in the gym should be sufficient to improve and maintain ones level of fitness to ride a motorcycle.

If a persons feel that the demands of a regular exercise program are beyond their capacity, they should not consider riding a motorcycle in my opinion. My friend George Hery (Google "George Hery Performs")is 75 years old and regularly exercises on the Trampoline and can still perform triple twisting somersaults however he is not nearly as resistant to injury as when he was younger and stronger. He cannot walk comfortably for long distances as a result of injuries to his feet from tumbling on concrete. He compensates for his previous injuries and "disabilities" by controlling his exposure to the level of activity and physiological stress that he once took in stride and by exercising intelligently and often.

Motorcycles are extremely deceptive in that virtually everyone that can get one in motion finds it extremely easy to twist the throttle with minimal physical effort. All to often that twisting of the throttle results in a situation where the right hand has written a check that our body has insufficient reserves to cash.

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