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Lansdale, PA


Sprint GT

Posted - 11/28/2010 :  10:11 PM                       Like
The past couple of weeks the weather has been crap or I have been too busy so I have not ridden the bike in 2 1/2 weeks. About 3 weeks ago I bought a Schumacher battery charger with a quick disconnect that could be hooked to the battery. I had also bought the stuff to change the oil and filter before the bike sits through the majority of winter.

Well, after raking leaves for several hours I finally had the time to work on the bike. Of course I figured I should warm up the oil and chain before changing the oil and cleaning and lubing the chain. So I pull the bike out of the garage, get geared up, switch on the key, do the first part of my pre-ride check, put the bike in neutral, pull out the choke, pull in clutch and brake, flip on the kill switch then hit the starter button.....Nothing! It had only been 2 1/2 weeks since I last rode and the battery was out of juice! I guess I should have gotten that trickle charger hooked up sooner.

The negative terminal of the battery was somewhat corroded and the Positive terminal was loose. I ended up taking out the battery, cleaning it up, hooked up the terminals to the charger and put it back in. After about 15min on the charger the bike fired up and I went for a very nice ride.

In the end I got all the work done and the bike is resting happily on the trickle charger in the garage. My son "helped me" and I think he learned quite a bit about problem solving and he now knows how to change the battery!

I suspect that despite the cold weather over the past few weeks the battery really shouldn't have been dead after that short a time. I won't be surprised if I need a new one come spring. I guess time will tell.

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colorado springs, co


CB750 NightHawk

Posted - 11/29/2010 :  6:23 AM

If you do end up needing a new battery, the AGM type was recommended to me as a good choice and stable source. I got one online a few years ago for $70 or so shipped to my door. I believe it's the acronym for Absorbed Glass Material and I looked up some of the proprietary details explaining the benefits / technology at the time. It did impress me and the cost wasn't out of place from the normal battery choices for a reputable brand.

It's endured a few Colorado winters (3 maybe) with on/off riding and some sitting in the garage without drama. I do use a tender type gizmo between a week or more of no go. I think that is a key point with any battery for longevity ... consistent ready to go status using a maintainer.
It's only surprised me a few times, and that after cranking for a while until I realized I never use the kill switch except for memory and battery testing. My memory failed before the battery did.

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Indiana Randy
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Fort Wayne, Indiana


2000 Magna V4 750

Posted - 11/29/2010 :  4:22 PM
It could be you fixed it by removing corrosion at the terminals.

A dab of dielectric grease on the termoinals will prevent the corrosion from returning.
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