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 2005 Blog posts
 08-06-Making money, Pt. II
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Female Junior Member
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St. Louis, MO


VFR 750F
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Posted - 02/01/2011 :  2:42 PM                       Like
Old dog, new trick

(Posted 08/06/05 - edited Saturday, Aug 06, 2005 15:40)

Face it: this ain't your Daddy's M$F.

This old dog has learned a new trick:

To make money.

It is rapidly abandoning what it has been since the beginning. It no longer is an organization dependent solely on the manufacturers' dues. And every year, it depends a little less.

Where it made no money, it is now making money. Where it made a little, it's making more. Where it sees the possibility of making money, it's moving into those areas.

M$F has become just another American Corporation. This ain't your Daddy's non profit, neither.

And M$F likes it alot, this making of money. It ain't gonna stop. In fact, it's going to do all it can to earn more money.

Smart people know that corporations don't give a damn whether someone's a drill sergeant, dinosaur or a bipolar megalomaniac. Just think of Leona Helmsley, Martha Stewart, Donald Trump, etc. etc. It's not about personality it's about the bottom line.

Corporations don't care about someone's sour grapes if it makes them wine. But if it doesn't, they'll use personality and grudges for the spin cycle.

You may have been taken in by the spin before, but that's why the financial data is good.

It takes the hype out of hypocrite.

That chummy arm around your shoulders? The better to get their hand into your pocket.

If you continue to think otherwise, you may be putting the dope into dupe or the suck into sucker.

The old dog is out to make money - and make it off of you.

James R. Davis
Male Administrator
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Houston, TX


GoldWing 1500

Posted - 02/01/2011 :  2:50 PM Follow poster on Twitter  Join poster on Facebook as Friend  
This is a familiar theme found in many of Wendy's posts - she, it would be safe to say, was an anti-Capitalist.

It gets in the way of the other valuable material she presents, in my opinion.

I had a chat with her about this on several occasions. She couldn't 'hear' me on the matter.

I also had more than one chat with her in which I suggested that she quit using the M$F 'symbol' in place of MSF. Her research was aggressive and well documented, but her anti-MSF bias was so strongly on display that it turned off more than a few readers -- and not incidentally, a few would-be employers of her research talents.

It took a very long time for her to back away from the M$F 'symbol.'
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Fort Collins, CO


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Posted - 02/02/2011 :  1:58 PM
Originally posted by James R. Davis

It gets in the way of the other valuable material she presents, in my opinion.
That's my opinion, as well.

Only three names come to mind for individuals who share her level of passion about motorcycle safety: Harry Hurt, Wendy Moon and, of course, James R. Davis.

In Wendy's case, more than once she left me wondering, "How on earth did she find out about that?" Her contribution, within its domain, was exceptional. But I always believed that her contribution to motorcycle safety could have been magnified 10X had she but switched from 60 grit to 240 grit to make her point.
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