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 Bumper Chains Dragging the Ground
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Tampa, FL


Shadow Spirit 750

Posted - 06/03/2011 :  12:33 PM                       Like
Crazy question that has nothing to do with motorcycles and is not humorous, so I am guessing this is the proper forum to post it.

My son and I were driving behind a truck that had a chain attached to his bumper, not his tow hitch, about the same place a trailer ball would go. For whatever reason, perhaps he forgot about it, the chain was dragging the ground and extended about 6 feet or so behind his truck. My son asked what would happen if someone drove up behind him and put their tire on his chain?

My answers:

If the truck was stopped and someone could place their tire squarely on the chain, when the guy in the truck started moving again, he would certainly feel the drag as the chain was pulled from underneath the tire. It could possibly damage his bumper while at the same time possibly damage the tire.

If the truck was moving down the highway and someone moving at the same speed squarely put their tire on the chain, the truck driver would still feel the drag, but the tire in this case would be the one that could possibly experience the most damage.

Those answers satisfied his curiosity, but truth be told, I was guessing. That's not really a scenario I spend my day pondering. Now I'm kind of curious about it, does anyone know the correct answer or a more correct answer than mine? Google kept pointing me to sites concerning snow chains.

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Lansdale, PA


Sprint GT

Posted - 06/03/2011 :  3:59 PM
I'm not sure what would happen in either scenario.

Perhaps we should make up some wild hypothesis and spread it around the internet. Then we can get the Mythbusters to do a show on it so we know what happens!
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