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 Windshield needs altering
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Female New Member
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Wilmington, DE


Heritage Softail

Posted - 04/16/2013 :  2:43 PM                       Like       
Hi all... My question is are the Harley windshields interchangeable.. I have a detachable windshield on 05 Heritage. My problem is it's edge is directly in my line of sight. I either have to sit straighter or slouch down when riding. I just need to switch out the windshield not all the hardware or as someone suggested take the shield itself off the crossbar and put new one on. I see shorter shield on ebay for $52.00. Are these interchangeable ? I also thought about getting some one to cut it but that is becoming more difficult to find. Any one?

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Posted - 04/17/2013 :  7:55 AM Follow poster on Twitter
How long have you had the bike? I ask this because I had the same problem when I first installed my Windjammer but after a couple hundred miles, my vision adjusted to it. Now, I actually like having the option of sitting a little taller to catch some wind or slouching a little to get out of the wind/rain.

If it's a fairly new(to you)bike, give it a little while before you go making too many changes.

I can't answer the question of interchangability because I don't ride Harleys...not that I have anything against them, but my wallet does. I have less $ invested in my Honda & Kawasaki (combined) with all the mods and accessories than I would spend for a used, stripped down, base model HD.
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Cornwall, Ontario


Ultra Classic '08

Posted - 04/18/2013 :  6:10 PM

Put the question on the HD forum mentioned above. There is a lot of Harley experience there.
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Stratford, CT



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Posted - 04/20/2013 :  8:36 AM   Join poster on Facebook as Friend  
Cutting down a shield is pretty easy. Mark and tape, a jigsaw, file or sandpaper for the cut edge.

There's plenty of "how to" articles online.
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