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 "Mentor" Status
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Lansdale, PA


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Posted - 06/14/2013 :  6:12 AM                       Like
I just noted that under my username it says "mentor".

How did that happen? I have no idea what this status entails and my attempts to figure it out didn't help!

Administrator This Administrator provided this Answer to the Question

James R. Davis
Male Administrator
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Houston, TX


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Posted - 06/14/2013 :  8:21 AM Follow poster on Twitter  Join poster on Facebook as Friend  
Apparently you just received yet another positive peer review vote on a message you posted on the board - a member found that that message was unusually valuable to him or her. That's not really unusual here, as you can see by the fact that the 'Board Karma' score is a very healthy 39. (3,383 messages that have been posted on this site have received a positive vote of the 3,763 votes cast - which is 89%, or 39 percentage points higher than a neutral 50%).

Of the hundreds of thousands of messages posted on the site, almost all are friendly, informative, possibly humorous, and ALWAYS factually correct, so it takes a lot to get a member to go out of his or her way and vote (for or against) the merits of a particular message.

While it is important to me to maintain (and measure) the general health of the board (what I call its Karma), it should be obvious that it's the members other than me who post the majority of these messages; and some of them are held in rather high regard based on the quality/value of their postings. Those particular members are known as 'Mentors'.

How does one become a Mentor? By having received at least ten (10) more positive votes than negative votes from other members. (Remember, the votes are cast on the messages, not the author of those messages - it is not a popularity indication.) That means that you can EASILY cease to be designated a Mentor by having another member vote negative on a message you post, leaving you with a total of votes where the positives no longer exceed the negatives by ten.

Congratulations, sweet talker.
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