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 Clearwater LED Lights
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F 800 GT

Posted - 02/21/2014 :  6:24 AM                       Like
I had been searching for a high quality lights to add to my F-800GT. I had a set of PIAA 1100X on the R1200RT and loved them, however apparently PIAA does not make a mount to fit the F800-GT. My searching took me to Clearwater Lights, http://clearwaterlights.com/products2_pp.html

These guys seem to have their act togther when it comes to LED motorcycle light technology. They produce 2 models in the 2 inch diameter and 2 in a 3.75. I choose the more powerfull of the 2 inch lights known as the Darla's, not sure if the owner of the company named the lights after his daughters or what but the models are : Erica, Krista, Darla and Glenda.

They did not have a specific kit for the F800-GT but after a few emails and calls I was assured their "universal fit all kit" would work". I always worry about such claims when fitting anything to a motorcycle but I took the plunge anyway. At any rate after reading a number of positive reviews including a glowing report on Web Bike World I decided it was worth the risk. Turst me when I tell you however it was not without a great deal of hesitation as these beauties were $500.00 +.

So the box arrives and a check of the contents assured me everything I needed was included. I was very pleased with the quality of everything, nothing cheap and no shortcuts taken with any of the hardware or wiring. The directions for mounting and wiring are complicated but straight forward. The directions are for mounting the lights to the fender via the fender bolts. The kit includes spacers, washers, stainless bolts and nuts of various sizes. The only problem is not one of them are the right lenght or diameter to fit the mounting holes on the F800-GT's fender mount. I messed up the threads in the mounting boss the first try and figured I was going to need a tap and die to make it work. Once I took the fender off, however I realized the boss on the fork where the fender mounts is through drilled and it became a simple task of just drilling out the hole to accept the hardware provided. I did not have to increase the size of the hole much and it worked like a charm. I used my own locking nuts on the back to insure they won't come loose, it all came together nicely. The lights are mounted Whew!!

I have not done the wiring yet, that looks like another days work as a bunch of the body panels will need to be removed. I may tackel that today. Clearwater does provide all the wiring, connectors needed, including one very neat Dimmer Switch. They want you to wire the lights to switched hot, so the lights will come on with the key and then you can control the brightness via the dimmer switch. The dimmer mounts to the handlebar with no isssues.
I have included some pics of the mounted lights and the mounted dimmer. Hopefully in the next few days I will have these wired up and I can add some photos of them working.





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R 1200 RT

Posted - 02/22/2014 :  5:55 PM
I will add another "thumbs up" for the LED lights by Clearwater. I went with the "Glenda" model for my V-Strom 650. I mounted a set on the front fenders. The goal was to expand the light pattern and also have some bright lights that would help get a drivers attention. The "Darla" model that Axiom2000 shows have 2000 lumens per light while the "Glenda" I used have 800 lumens per light. The price was a bit under $400 for lights and mounting kit so definitely an expensive accessory in my book but I feel much safer riding with them as they do really stand out. I ride with them dimmed part way - if you hit the high beams they switch to full brightness so you can flash lights to get a bit more attention.

I got out to ride for the first time in a while today so thought I would stop and get a picture of the lights viewed from the front. I found that when viewed with my phone you can quickly see them blinking due to the pulse width modulation used to control brightness. I took several pictures which was a good thing because even when turned up to full brightness they are still off at times and indeed, several of the photos I took had at least one of the two lights off. Evidently they do not both cycle in synch. I also found that the camera during the day did not capture the really bright white light of these. When viewed straight on they are quite bright and sort of "shimmer".

Hopefully over the course of a few years LEDs will become more common and the price will drop.

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The Woodlands, TX



Posted - 02/24/2014 :  12:52 PM Follow poster on Twitter
Those lights are very nice. But I can't see myself adding a pair of lights that cost 1/4 of what I paid for the whole bike.
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