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Male Standard Member
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Santa Monica, CA



Posted - 08/13/2015 :  12:39 AM                       Like
Are there any recommendations for other high quality discussion forums? Has anyone used Reddit? I've always enjoyed talking with like-minded people, or even those with an opposing viewpoint, as long as it is civil.

So do any of you visit other motorcycle, or just general forums you could recommend? I am not interested in a dumbed down discussions with pics of T&A (alright well the pics aren't necessarily a bad thing), I am looking to find other places where robust and civil discussion of current events, politics, motorcycles, cars, etc etc. takes place.

I know it wont be as good as msgroup, but I am curious if any of you visit other discussion forums regularly.
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Senior Member
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Newbury, Berkshire
United Kingdom



Posted - 08/13/2015 :  1:03 AM
My regular forum is UK-based therevcounter.com . There are umpteen sub-boards covering a range of user-interest topics from cooking to bicycling. However, be aware that discussion can be robust, and statements and beliefs may be challenged. That said, when members have problems they are helped - so much so that the board has a cash fund provided by some members that others can ask for if in need. Help between members is often (and quietly) provided.

Currently there's a thread on the 'General Mayhem' board where someone has problems with their boss!
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Advanced Member
6943 Posts

Meridian, ID


XR650L, 790 Adv R

Posted - 08/13/2015 :  7:23 AM
http://bayarearidersforum.com/forums has good motorcycle discussions. I can't vouch for the off-topic discussions, though, because I stay out of those. The "LEO Forum" for Law Enforcement Officers is especially good, because it is moderated and required to stay mostly on topic. "The Garage" is also quite good for maintenance and repair issues.

I can't say much for any other current motorcycle forum. The ducatimonsterforum.org used to be a great brand-specific forum way back when I owned one and they weren't so common.
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Male Advanced Member
2271 Posts

colorado springs, co


CB750 NightHawk

Posted - 08/13/2015 :  9:02 AM
Nothing specific Arnold.
I found a forum that I enjoy although it's car and brand specific. It offers some insights on many things but I mention it because you may accidentally happen upon a forum (mostly the way I've found them) that has some of what you are looking for.
Among other things like tech advice by other owners/experiences, the car forum is enjoyable for me because a few of us have camaraderie type exchanges that allow us to poke fun at each other in friendly ways as we discuss car stuff or off-topic things. We wear our personality on our shirt sleeve so-to-speak and I miss that office-type humor I experienced in the mid 80's. I doubt the mean age of that group is 53 years old but I think they keep me sharp and on my toes.

I've had some luck searching specific forums like Honda or Nighthawk related as well so consider other headings that may have beneficial information specific to your motorcycle brand or model. You'll likely get some worthy information or an interesting tangent if not find exactly what you are hunting for on more broad topics.

It does take a bit of poking around to catch on to the temperament or character of any forum but overall, I can't cite very many that are as well moderated and offer the technical insights and broad topics as we have here.
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Male Senior Member
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The Woodlands, TX



Posted - 08/13/2015 :  9:51 AM Follow poster on Twitter
I'm on a few other forums that are bike type specific (V4Musclebike.com) and, being a shooter, I'm on a few different gun/shooting forums. All three of the gun forums that I frequent regularly have topics come up about motorcycling. Sometimes it's someone looking to get into riding, occasionally it's about a motorcycle vacation trip, others have been cross-topic discussions concerning carrying a gun while riding (how/when/where). I think you'll find that many "activity" type forums will occasionally have M/C topics come up because riding isn't an activity that is limited to one specific demographic or hobby/activity group...riders are as varied as bikes...there's something for almost everyone.
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