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 The Benefits & Drawbacks of Sunshades
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Posted - 09/18/2015 :  12:28 PM                       Like
I recently bought a new Fulmer modular helmet, an M2B with an iShade (Fulmer Trade Name) for the flip down sun visor. I'm very happy with the helmet overall but, now realize there is another safety aspect to riding into bright low sun. The iShade does a very good job of reducing the light entering your eyes because it is very dark but, the unintended consequence is that, you cannot distinguish items in the shadows very well. This is particularly concerning if trees and shrubs are growing close to the road especially at the end of a driveway. A car, bike, person or animal can lurk there in the shadows ready to enter you path of travel and with the sunshade in use, be almost invisible.

If I must ride into a low sun, I slow down quite a bit because of this problem. It seems that there are always pros and cons to every situation.

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Posted - 09/20/2015 :  12:09 PM
There's another way of using the sun visor, assuming it stays in any position and not only fully up or fully down.

Lower it only partly and use it as you would use a sun visor in a car: to block the sun while leaving the road "in the clear". This does mean that you have to keep your head more still than you might usually do, but it works quite well until the sun is just above the road.
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Posted - 09/20/2015 :  12:22 PM   Join poster on Facebook as Friend  
I too just bought a modular helmet. The tinted push button visor isn't very dark though. I've always put 2 strips of electric tape at the top of my visors to block the sun. It doesn't interefere with vision, and a little dip of my head blocks that low sun.
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Posted - 09/29/2015 :  3:24 AM
That is quite a common problem with modular helmets I guess. I recently purchased one and am facing a similar situation.
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Posted - 09/29/2015 :  4:15 AM
My older modular helmet had a smoked visor and it is not as dark so, I alternate. If I know I am riding into a setting sun I use the one with the flip down sun visor (new one) but, for general daytime use I use the one without.
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