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 Riding impairment is not just alcohol
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Young Dai
Male Junior Member
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Southend, Essex
United Kingdom



Posted - 12/02/2015 :  8:42 AM                       Like

This is a link to my Roadcraft group's summer magazine where, from page 14 onward the former chairman of the group (a serving Police M/C officer), describes the events leading up to his accident touring in Germany the previous year and the subsequent affects on his life and that of his wife.

As the guy 'walked away' (just) and the piece provides a full critique of the events and the causative factors, I have put it here, rather than the accident folder, as he does go into much greater details than you normally find in accident reports from the media. Which is as you might expect given his day job.

I rememember the sobering affect of the accident of the group as the guy was known as the least risk taking of any of those in the Essex Traffic Motorcycle team. If Jon could go down, then any of us could.

But:a head cold, a lack of sleep, an ailing bike and a desire to get to next hotel having lost time during the day all took his head 'out of the game' at just the wrong moment.

It's a raw bit of writing, not an easy read by any means. But like many an air accident report it's a message of the danger of cumulative affects.

Also a message about AGATT

Advanced Member
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Central Coast, CA



Posted - 12/02/2015 :  4:03 PM
I read the article and was impressed with the detail and the writer/officer/victim's self-awareness. And I am relieved that he and his wife came through reasonably well, considering the kind of crash it was.

For those who haven't read it, here is a short summary of the crash itself. Young Dai, if I have gotten this wrong in any way, please correct.

After entering B31 eastbound near Titisee (see [47.904900, 8.222800]), the rider mistook the road for a dual carriageway (divided highway). Riding in the right lane behind a truck, he saw a white car behind signal left, apparently intending to overtake the motorcycle and truck. With adequate space back to the white car, he too signals left to make the pass. As he does, he comes to the stark realization that they are in fact on a two-way road, and in the left lane is an oncoming truck, which they hit.

Read the whole thing. More important than those bare facts are his understanding of his frame of mind on that day and how it influenced events.
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Male Advanced Member
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colorado springs, co


CB750 NightHawk

Posted - 12/09/2015 :  7:28 PM
He appears to be a guy with a good sense of humor. I'm glad he hasn't lost that in the way he relates some of the details as he covers a time frame that offers good insights.

I was shaken a little by the details immediately post crash as he tries to get his bearings and realized what happened. I'm sure it stirs some of my deep buried experiences that got hidden away in a few of my incidents through the years.

It's worth reading by anyone I M O and not real long.
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