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 First accident
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Pasadena, CA


Elite 110

Posted - 07/08/2016 :  2:35 PM                       Like
Had my first wheels-side-up experience after 15k miles of city street scooter commuting over 4 years. Close to my office at work is a short, very steep downhill section of roadway ending at an intersection with a stop sign. Our company recently re-striped this intersection and coated the roadway with a greasy black coating/sealer.

While leaving work on my 110 honda elite scooter, in clear, warm weather, behind an auto, while stopping downhill at very low speed (<1 mph), my front tire suddenly lost traction and the scooter fell over suddenly. Luckily, I was not injured and the little red scooter only received minor scratches.

* I was probably using both left and right brake levers evenly. But since this scooter has linked brakes, I should have only used the left (front and rear) brake lever in this situation.

* The front wheel was probably straight when I fell, but this reminds me to watch out for stopping and turning on surfaces with poor traction.

* At such a low speed, one thinks that there will be plenty of time to react. But once the front tire lost traction, the scooter fell over very quickly.

* My ugly, cheap motorcycle jacket did it's job to cushion the fall. I was wearing full gear. It was probably good that I didn't try to stick my foot out to stop the fall.

* The front tire pressure was 5 psi above the manufacturer's recommendation. Since that could have reduced traction, I'll stick to the factory pressure from now on.

* I've always been careful entering this intersection, even while riding it on a bicycle. It's often littered with pine needles and sprinkler run-off. I ride this road almost every day, so over-familiarity may have caused overconfidence.

* This is a good time to remind myself of the books/lessons I studied when first learning to ride.

Thanks for maintaining this website, I've and benefited greatly from the information posted here. Sad to see so few posts lately.

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perry, ga


shadow aero

Posted - 07/08/2016 :  5:51 PM

* At such a low speed, one thinks that there will be plenty of time to react. But once the front tire lost traction, the scooter fell over very quickly.

Gravity is pretty fast. 32 feet per second... squared.
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colorado springs, co


CB750 NightHawk

Posted - 07/09/2016 :  8:46 AM
I've experienced the dramatic drop feeling a few times on my mtn bike when my wheel was turned and I had applied the front brake lever. The force of compressing the shocks and the turn / lean just about throws you to the ground.

On the motorcycle, I've always been wary of painted markings and sections of roads because they always look shiny and slippery when not even wet.
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