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 Copying a post versus using a link
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Posted - 03/22/2009 :  7:53 AM                       Like
On a different forum there is a first person account of an accident. I thought the post might be of interest to the members of this forum in the Motorcycle Accidents section. I suspect that if I posted the link, it would not be accessible since a login is required for that site. The post is brief enough so that I could cut and paste it or those pieces that reinforce what is stated on this board.

My mind argues both sides of the case. The need for a login argues that it would not be appropriate to copy the text. The fact that it is a "public" post argues that it would be. So I will take the safe way out and ask the administrators.

I will log out and try the link. If it allows me access to it then in this instance the point is moot. I would still like to know if the forum has specific rules governing this scenario.

Would copying the post be appropriate?
Administrator This Administrator provided this Answer to the Question

James R. Davis
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Posted - 03/22/2009 :  8:14 AM Follow poster on Twitter  Join poster on Facebook as Friend  
If the site requires a login in order to read the post, then in my opinion it would be inappropriate to copy that text here.

On the other hand, if you do a Google search and find that the post can be found in 'public' space regardless of the login requirement, then whether or not you can copy it here is a function of whether or not the author of that text has indicated that it is copyrighted. You can always extract a small subset of substantial work for reference purposes, but if a text is marked as being copyright protected then you MUST request permission from the copyright holder to reproduce it before doing so.

Substantial reproductions on this site are usually not challenged unless they are obviously violations of copyright or are posted with the 'impression' that the poster was the original author - the first case generating a 'Strike one' warning and deletion of that text while the second case gets a 'Strike three' notice and the deletion of the text and the poster.

I want to point out that what someone else has said can certainly be valuable, but one of the reasons that this site is held in high regard is that we expect our members to add value in their posts - telling us what THEY think is important or worthwhile in quoted material, and why. We do not expect our members to have Tom Clancy writing skills, but we expect that they can articulate sufficiently well to add value with their posts. They, our members, have shown they are up to that task in spectacular fashion.
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