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 How many fingers do you use to cover your levers?
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San Rafael, CA


2006 Ninja 500

Posted - 09/22/2006 :  5:56 PM
I do exactly as Redbeard does...2 fingers on the brake and 3 fingers on the clutch. I was taught to do 2 fingers on the clutch but I don't always get it fully engaged with just 2.

I learned this behavior during my Trials riding days, as it is essential in this sport to ALWAYS have your clutch and brake covered. Now it's ingrained in my head and I can't stop doing it even when I try!
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Abington, Pa



Posted - 12/03/2007 :  7:23 AM
when I took the BRC they told us to never cover the front brake and when you have to use it , use all 4 fingers. What's up with this? I'm a newbie
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Male Moderator
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Omaha, NE



Posted - 12/03/2007 :  4:23 PM
Originally posted by JimmyB

when I took the BRC they told us to never cover the front brake and when you have to use it , use all 4 fingers. What's up with this? I'm a newbie


Good question! MSF Instructors are very good at telling you not to cover the brake and cover the clutch. This is primarily for your safety on the range so that should you panic you will not immediately hammer the front brake and you will hopefully squeeze the clutch to disconnect power from that engine driven rear wheel. What they are not good at is making sure you know that while on the road when you are in a potentially dangerous situation (like a busy intersection) that covering your front brake might be a good idea. This concept is usually discussed in the second half of your classroom work when you are learning more about riding on the street. Unfortuantely it is seldom emphasized while you are riding on the range.

I'm sorry for the confusion. Depending upon your comfort with doing so you may find that riding with a finger or two covering the front brake lever might just buy you some reaction time when confronted with a developing potential collision in front of you.

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