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Safety Videos

Over the years I have made numerous motorcycle safety presentations to various groups and occassionally have had them videotaped.

Here are 8 of those videos for you to spend a short evening enjoying.

No.Tip NameTeaser
001JudgmentGood judgment comes from experience, but experience often comes from bad judgment
002Safety TagsYou REALLY want to have one of these attached and visible
003PegsIf/When you drag them you must not act instinctively
004Anti-DiveMakes it MORE likely you will do a Stoppie!
005Delta-VRelevant to all motorcycles not just 'crotch rockets'
006PassengersThey are NOT helpless!
007Weight ManagementYour weight changes with speed! Honest! And it's important.
008Weight and Stopping PerformanceAdding weight does NOT increase stopping distance or time.
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